Millwright is Pain-Free & More Aware After Shoulder Therapy

I’m so glad my employer sent me to Balanced Fitness & Health. I overextended and injured my shoulder when I was replacing a part on a job site. I tore it pretty bad and was sent to therapy to treat it as an impingement. Within two therapy sessions, it was clear to Melissa White, with her expertise, that it was a more serious injury.


The surgeon fixed my rotator cuff, bicep and pectoral muscles and said it would be 9 months to a year before I was recovered. I started with Balanced Fitness & Health the day after surgery, and that was so important to my recovery in terms of support and confidence as I began the healing process.


I worked with the therapy team, and they are all very knowledgeable and good at what they do. After my six months of therapy at Balanced Fitness & Health, I have no pain and my full range of motion back. I got better results in 15 minutes with Melissa than three weeks of working with physical therapists on my tennis elbow years ago.


During my recovery, the work conditioning they did helped me realize that I need to do things in a different way to minimize the amount of stress I put on my body. I have 14 years until retirement, and I need to last that long. The therapists taught me correct lifting, positioning and keeping everything locked in. That training has helped a lot.


The Balanced Fitness & Health team is awesome. They listen to everything that you’re having problems with. They tailor your recovery to what will benefit you the most. Their personalities are very welcoming and easy to work with. You become part of the family, which makes it a whole lot easier to be there.


It’s clear why my employer and many others send their workers to Balanced Fitness & Health. They’re good people, and they know how to get people back to work and pain free. I’d recommend them to anyone.


-Chris Jobe, Union Millwright

Newell Machinery