What Makes Balanced Fitness & Health Different?

At Balanced Fitness & Health, we take an injured person and treat them as a whole, not just their injury. We take into account not only the particular area of the injury and their biological and physiological needs, but also address topics with clients about nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management and daily activities to improve the person's life overall.

A buzzword related to workers’ compensation is BioPsychoSocial. This refers to the mental and social factors impacting a person’s medical problems. Most biopsychosocial approaches take into account that emotions, behaviors, social environments and culture all impact human medical conditions and performance. We understand this and address it with our clients.

Getting hurt on the job and hearing the words “workers’ compensation” tends to be a scary situation for a lot of people. Following injury, the worker pain experience can set the tone for the way the worker behaves and how long the recovery and return to work takes. With added stressors and increased biopsychosocial factors, the recovery can take significantly longer. By addressing not only the biological involvement and stressors, but also the fear, anxiety and overall health of the employee, we are able to achieve faster and more complete recovery. We help ease that tension, address all issues and work with all parties involved—the employee, employer and other medical providers—to ensure the best and most efficient care plan possible.

According to a recent survey, claims adjusters rank “psychosocial issues as the number one barrier to successful claim outcomes,” according to Rising Medical Solutions’ 2016 Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study. The biopsychosocial model of medicine attempts to treat not just the injury, but the whole person, with an approach that is all encompassing and holistic. It speeds the recovery of the patient on both a physical and psychological level and leads to overall wellness.

Consider whether your current physical therapy provider is offering this level of service. At Balanced Fitness & Health, we are confident in our ability to treat the whole person and not just their injury. Take a look at our testimonials to get the scoop from our clients, and contact us for treatment.