With a focus on preventing injury, we develop stretching programs to enable employees to perform their jobs safely and effectively. These programs have been shown to save the company money and resources by preventing repetitive strains and sprains. We also offer additional resources for your company that help to promote a safe and injury-free environment.

Wellness & Injury Prevention Presentations
We are available to meet all of your wellness training and educational needs. ‚ÄčOur presentations about injury prevention and other topics provide interactive information. They are specialized to your company's needs, whether they address desk ergonomics, proper ways to lift, or posture for tool use.

Stretching Program
We create a customized stretching program for all areas in need. We begin on-site by interviewing employees and doing a job analysis for each area to determine appropriate stretches and dynamics of the groups. The program includes the creation of the target stretches and a training session that will educate employees on how and when to conduct stretches. Employees will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and address their pain points.

Living Balanced - Monthly Newsletter
Newsletters provide valuable injury prevention and wellness information that motivates employees to seek healthy activities and nutrition, which serves to reduce job-related musculoskeletal injuries. We provide a monthly newsletter for employees that includes a section on stretches and exercises that are appropriate to alleviate common job-related musculoskeletal conditions. A general wellness section enhances and supports the stretching program and promotes daily exercise.

"Balanced Fitness & Health has created a stretching program for one of our targeted groups that we feel will make an impact in preventing/reducing some of the repetitive motion and other injuries that can occur. Most importantly, she has presented it in a way that achieved employee buy-in and enthusiasm for what they are doing."
- Phil Miller, HR Manager, Linn-Mar Community Schools