Above & Beyond Physical Therapy Services for Work Comp

Updated: Jun 18


Our company has worked with Balanced Fitness & Health (BFH) for about a year, and the partnership with them has been a huge success. With on-site injury prevention and triage services that set them apart, BFH has given our workforce a sense that someone is looking out for their best interests. More importantly, they showed us and our insurance company how their expertise can close cases much faster with expert, targeted physical therapy.


Initially, our insurance company was hesitant to use a therapy clinic that was not in their network. However, Balanced Fitness & Health specializes in solving difficult physical ailments. They were able to close one chronic case after only three physical therapy sessions. Instead of paying for 12 sessions, we paid for three. At that point, the employee, our company and our insurance company were all convinced that BFH would save us money.


BFH also created a customized stretching program specific to our employees’ needs. They send out newsletters with stretches to remind our workers how to address trouble areas, like sore necks. They applied ergonomics at our desks, which was a huge improvement to our office setting.


Working with their team is super simple. I call, and they take care of us by coming to our facility. Seeing employees in our fitness room saves people time and gas money. As a safety individual, they help me maintain my day-to-day work, because I know they are doing their job and doing it well.


Finally, during the pandemic, they kept all of the appointments for an open case and made employees feel like they were heard. BFH always provided care to our employee with the open issue when others cancelled appointments.


Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with their services and communication. They have performed above and beyond in every category. Our employees have nothing but positive things to say about their team and the outcomes of their services.


-Brad Metsale, Safety Coordinator

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