Better Balance Through Mindfulness

Anything that is good for the brain—I’m in! Our BioPsychoSocial approach embraces the fact that physical health, including recovery from injury, is most definitely tied into our mental and emotional health. And how can we achieve better mental and emotional health? Well, mindfulness has risen up as one way to achieve a mental and emotional balance.


Everyone is talking about meditation, or mindfulness, and how beneficial it is for the brain. Recent studies have shown how it results in improved gray matter in just minutes a day. Here’s the latest report about a Harvard study.


In addition to helping the brain, meditation can help with focus, emotions, anxiety, sleep and other aspects of your health. It can ease you into your day or bring you greater relaxation and deeper sleep, which we can all use, especially this time of year!

I’m not someone who thinks of myself as a meditator. I like to call it mindfulness—it’s just what I’m comfortable with. Anyway, I recently got on the mindfulness bandwagon after learning more from ABC’s Dan Harris, who experienced an on-air panic attack. Watch as Dan sums up the science behind meditation.


Following his experience with anxiety, Dan realized the benefits of mindfulness to stop the incessant voice in his head. The result is his book, Ten Percent Happier, and a website with podcasts and an app. The podcasts offer enlightening viewpoints from various people who meditate. You might be surprised at who Dan interviews for these podcasts, and their perspectives may help you see how mindfulness can benefit you. Learn more:


Mindfulness works differently for everyone, but it’s worth a try. For me, it works on my breathing and pulling my thoughts in. It’s a simple step to keep me happier and more focused. The few minutes a day that it takes to reset your mind could be the best thing you can do for your health!


Friends or coworkers may have mentioned that they use an app to help them meditate. There are many apps available to help with mindfulness meditation, sleep meditations, calming music and much more. Some have monthly or annual fee options, and many of them allow you to access free content for a week or longer.


· Ten Percent Happier—One week free and $99/year to continue with all content.

· Calm—One week free and several subscription options, including $70/year.

· Insight Timer—Lots of always-free content, including customizable music on a timer and $60/year to access paid courses.


Other apps include HeadSpace, Stop, Breathe & Think and others. Search for meditation apps to help get you started and keep yourself on track. The benefits of just a few minutes a day spent in mindfulness are waiting for you.