Worker Regains Full Use of Arms After Years of Chronic, Misdiagnosed Pain


After years of an alleged neck problem, this city employee was about to give in to the pain. Balanced Fitness & Health identified the real problems in his arms and shoulders, and today, he is recovering from bilateral rotator cuff surgery. He finally has full range of motion and strength in his arms, and is ready to live a normal life.

After suffering for years with pain in both shoulders and a chronic neck problem that no one could ever figure out, my doctor went above and beyond to refer me to Melissa White at Balanced Fitness & Health. With Melissa and the physician working in collaboration, they discovered that my pain was due to torn muscles in the rotator cuff and biceps in both arms. I had rotator cuff surgery in both my shoulders, and my surgeon was amazed by the progress I had made in therapy.  With all the things I tried for the pain, I should have just seen Melissa first!

One thing I noticed about Balanced Fitness & Health is that the staff gets to know you and greets you when you walk in. They provide more personal service and try different techniques to resolve issues rather than doing the same thing over and over again, like an assembly line, as so many physical therapy clinics do. Melissa is the only one that ever called me after hours to ask how I was feeling, and she also called my doctor to consult with her. Melissa found the problems and didn’t stop until she got it taken care of.

I had been about to give up. Without Melissa’s help, I may never have gotten back to living a more normal life. Melissa does better with her hands than the injections. I’m completely turned around. I feel wonderful. Taking the time to get stronger through a wellness-based rehab has allowed me to get up in the morning and say, “Let’s go do something!”

-Tim B., City of Cedar Rapids Employee