Comprehensive Corporate Program Reduces OSHA Recordable Injuries & Insurance Premiums


Balanced Fitness & Health (BFH) has been part of Hupp Electric Motors & Hupp ToyotaLift (Hupp) full spectrum plan, which is to improve safety processes and maximize our employees’ best attribute—their availability. This partnership has enabled Hupp to reduce our OSHA recordable injuries, Experience Modification Rate (EMR), and insurance premiums, while improving ergonomic practices and employee morale. These improvements are vital in today’s industrial world, where safety directly affects the ultimate business goal: profit.

BFH performs job-specific, post-offer, pre-employment physicals on every potential employee. During the physicals, they document each of these potential employees’ past medical history. If a potential employee has a preexisting injury or prior workers compensation case, BFH learns about it, documents it, and provides that information to our Human Resources Director. That documented information can be vital if the employee is hired and reinjures themselves. As part of the pre-employment screenings, their team performs range of motion, grip, and mobility testing; along with post-offer, pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings (with exception to our DOT drivers). They also let us know if work station ergonomic assessments or modifications are recommended. BFH provides education through proper lifting and ergonomic training, as well as a monthly wellness newsletter that benefits both our employees and their families.

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Balanced Fitness & Health helped us integrate a first aid triage program into our post-accident reporting and investigation process. If an employee has a strain or sprain, an appointment with BFH is made immediately. BFH does an assessment and determines if a physician’s care is required.

During this partnership, we have drastically reduced our EMR from 0.84 to 0.71. The lower EMR saves the company money in insurance premiums and can result in increased customer acquisition and other benefits to us and our employees.

I absolutely recommend BFH for three main reasons:

  1. The professional relationship is outstanding. The two-way, effective communication has always been great, and they’re easy to work with. Their flexibility is beyond reproach. 

  2. They have been part of the process to reduce OSHA recordables, our EMR, and our insurance premiums. 

  3. When our employees work with BFH staff, they give good feedback. I’ve never heard anything but positive feedback about their interactions.

I have recommended BFH to our insurance broker’s loss prevention contact, resulting in newly established business relationships. I encourage other companies in the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area to see how Balanced Fitness & Health can help them with regards to their corporate injury prevention and wellness programs.

Ric Wilcher, DML, Safety Manager

Hupp Electric Motors & ToyotaLift