Injury Prevention Education Long Overdue for Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program

Working with Balanced Fitness & Health to develop a health curriculum focused on stretching, injury prevention and health topics has been an amazing experience for our three-year Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program. I have worked in the trade for many years and know the toll our work takes on your body. I am paying for it now, and I wanted to be part of improving the culture within the trade and extending our apprentices’ careers.

Balanced Fitness & Health has a passion and focus on injury prevention and making sure we address aches and pains early in our careers. I could see their commitment to empowering our apprentices to become healthy workers and knew that an injury prevention program was long overdue. I am excited to partner with them and pioneer the culture change in our physically challenging industry to be more health and wellness focused.

Balanced Fitness & Health started the process by listening to us. They analyzed what we do as iron workers and created a custom stretching program for the apprentices to do during their trade program. This helps build the habit of self-care from day one and sets them up for success. We have also partnered to perform injury prevention screenings on each apprentice when they start the program. Balanced Fitness & Health takes a unique approach to educating the apprentices about correct ergonomics. They show apprentices how they can work smarter to avoid aggravating existing injuries. They also include tips to help ease aches and pains the apprentices may need to address as they learn and work in the trade.

Balanced Fitness & Health created and taught classes that educate us on everything from
ergonomics to nutrition. We are so pleased with the results. Our apprentices know how to take control of their safety and health. I've seen first-hand how this knowledge can make a difference. I know that all of our apprentices will benefit from what they have learned for their entire careers.

- Seth Gorman
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Ironworkers Local #89
Cedar Rapids, Iowa