Healthy comfort food recipes to try in the last few weeks of winter!


We have made it to the latter part of February, which means spring is around the corner. Here in Iowa, we have even already seen some glimpses of spring with some warmer (relatively speaking) days and even some rain rather than snow. But the reality is, it is still winter and our bodies still crave those comfort foods that warm us from the inside out. Here are a couple recipes to keep you going the last few weeks of winter.


Chicken Tortilla-Less Soup

Chili is often thought of as a great comfort food on those cold, windy days but by the middle of winter we are often sick of it. This chicken tortilla-less soup will give you a lot of the same flavors due to similar spices but is a much different texture and flavor. It is also packed with nutrients and fends off illness due to the bone broth, peppers, garlic and onion. Feel free to add some chopped tortillas if you want additional texture.


Oven Roasted Vegetables

Here is another a quick and easy warm, comforting meal. If you have time to food prep on the weekends, this one can be thrown together in minutes. It too is packed with nutrients from the various vegetables to continue to fight off those winter germs. I like to throw some cooked chicken breast, salmon, or ground beef with mine for some additional protein.

Here’s to staying healthy these last few weeks of winter! 

~ Angie McCormick, PT ~