Determined, Positive Approach is Gold Standard in Physical Therapy

Having worked in facilities maintenance and running vibrating tools all my life, the cartilage in my wrists was worn out. Even after wrist fusion surgeries, I still had pain in my hands that limited my ability to fully enjoy my life and hobbies. 

I am so grateful to Melissa White because she didn’t give up and was determined to try different techniques and truly listened to me. Now, my pain has  gone from a 7 down to a 3. It’s a night and day difference. I feel like I can use my hands again. My surgeon at Mayo Clinic was ecstatic with my progress, which is possible thanks to Balanced Fitness & Health. They got me through this without another surgery. Now, I’m strengthening and learning what I can do without hurting and I follow their advice! 

I would recommend Balanced Fitness & Health to anyone. I’ve seen what they can do. It’s a different mindset—a really positive atmosphere. You’re not just in and out like other clinics. They support you through it all. They actually care about every person they see. They’re the gold standard in physical & occupational therapy to get you out of pain.

- Bill