Congratulations, Melissa White, for Forty Under 40 Recognition!

Melissa White, Founder & CEO of Balanced Fitness & Health

We are proud to announce that Melissa White, Founder & CEO of Balanced Fitness & Health, has been named to the Corridor Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list of young Corridor leaders! While we have known all along that Melissa is one of the top young entrepreneurs in our area for years, it is a great pleasure to see her recognized for her efforts as an accomplished young business owner, therapist, volunteer and board member.


To further highlight her character and accomplishments, we assembled a few excerpts from the nomination letters that clients, partners and employees sent in support of Melissa.


From Caley Ploessl, physical therapist at Balanced Fitness & Health:

Melissa has the unique ability to make you feel so valued, that every day when I walk through the door, it pushes me to do my best. I’ve come to appreciate this as a sign of an outstanding leader. Melissa’s authentic leadership encourages me to grow as a practitioner and as a person. She is such a kind and caring person that she can leave business aside and take time to speak genuinely on a personal level.


Melissa always does what is in the best interest of others, even when it may not be the easiest. Her compassion and integrity set her apart. For example, when a client was unable to attain a ride to therapy after surgery, she didn’t skip a beat. We traveled to the client’s house immediately to begin their vital therapy. This is just one small illustration of what Melissa exemplifies every single day.


We all have role models in life who inspire us to push the limits and be our best selves, and I am lucky enough to have found mine in Melissa White.


From Kim Downs, Hiawatha City Administrator:


Melissa is a woman who believes one can achieve anything they set their mind to. She encourages others with love, demonstrating with hard work and faith in oneself that you can fully recover physically, mentally and spiritually. With this mindset, her patients and others around her are influenced to do and be their best. She is living proof if you work hard and be persistent, you can reach your goals and live the life you have set your eyes on. As a HEDCO member and part of the Hiawatha community, she brings this very same attitude to the table, creating ownership amongst our members and setting our metro community apart from others. She is a true cheerleader for many.

From Rick White, husband, friend, cheerleader and admirer:


My first impression was that Melissa was fearless, caring, determined, kind and humble. I learned that she was starting a business, Balanced Fitness & Health, which aligned with her passion of helping people with injuries and chronic pain to regain their lives.

She launched her business out of her home in 2014. Melissa was a finalist in 2015 for Invest In She and opened her clinic in Hiawatha to meet demand. Her business received HEDCO’s 2018 Hiawatha Hustle Award as the #1 health and well-being company.

Today, Balanced Fitness & Health is one of the Corridor’s top physical and occupational therapy clinics with a reputation for healing the most difficult injuries and helping companies establish effective injury prevention programs. This was all a result of Melissa’s vision, dedication, caring and business savvy.


From Ruth Paarmann, owner of Paarlance Creative Writing, marketing partner for Balanced Fitness & Health:

I admire Melissa’s drive and perseverance in an industry sometimes driven by profits over people. Melissa always puts people first. As a therapist and through Balanced Fitness & Health, she has succeeded in helping hundreds of people recover from chronic pain. Her knowledge enables her to pinpoint a client’s problem and address their needs quickly and efficiently.


Melissa’s success in building a business is indisputable. She has gone from having a tiny office to perform occupational therapy to having her own clinic building with employees and subcontractors. Together, they have built a team to provide a variety of therapeutic offerings. It’s wonderful to see Balanced Fitness & Health thrive.


In addition, Melissa is a person of great character who acts with integrity and honesty. I am proud to know Melissa and work by her side. It would be amazing to see her recognized for her caring heart and her excellence as a therapist and business owner.


Melissa and 39 other young business leaders will be recognized the evening of October 15th in a free live webinar. To register, visit